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Set course for Horsens Fjord and embark on an unforgettable sailing vacation. 

The sail from the entry in the east to the head of the fjord is around 7 nautical miles long. Take your time to enjoy the fjord’s islets, wildlife, hilly scenery and bays with idyllic anchoring places.

Horsens Fjord carries a rich culture-historical heritage from the Viking Age, visible in the many burial mounds along the shores.

Horsens Marina is located at the head of the fjord close to Horsens town centre, where you can stock up on provisions in the many grocery stores or explore Denmark’s widest pedestrian street.

The marina has maintained its original maritime atmosphere with snug red wooden sheds in the old fishing quarter.

You can choose to sail further on to the old commercial harbour, where you berth right in the town centre. In 2019, Horsens Marina established 20 visitors’ berths with access to showers and bathrooms.

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Office- and phonehours:
Tuesday-Friday, 1200-1300 
Closed Sunday and monday

Søren Lykke Sørensen
Phone: +45 2080 1338

Horsens Marina
Nordøstpassagen 21
DK-8700 Horsens